Legislation requiring providers to inform patients of the therapy are based on ideology, not medicine

Basic facts on abortion also rarely appear

Abortion restrictions that attempt to change women’s minds do not appear to do so

Interventions aimed at increasing women’s reproductive autonomy could have positive effects for reducing abortion stigma

Researchers need to consider unique anatomical and behavioral factors in tool development

Laws coerce viewing, with greater impact on women of color

Receiving an abortion and being able to delay having a child results in closer relationships between the mother and child and greater economic security

With safety in mind, collaborative group aims to remove unnecessary restrictions

Drug-related pregnancy laws almost entirely overlap with alcohol-related pregnancy laws

New research finds that ASC laws are unnecessary to maintain the safety of abortion

These policies may cause women to avoid prenatal care instead of seek support

Among U.S. women of reproductive age who visited EDs from 2009-2013, only 0.01% (1 in every 10,000) were abortion-related

The California State Legislature is considering SB 320, which would mandate on-campus access to medication abortion at public universities

Having a history of mental health conditions and partner violence is associated with suicidal ideation; having an abortion is not

Forty percent of the abortion facilities in the Northeast and West only provide medication abortion

FDA restrictions on dispensing mifepristone in the U.S. are not evidence-based

Welcome to ANSIRH

Welcome to ANSIRH

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Research category photos: Abortion section photo © Can Stock Photo Inc. / Mark Adams, Rocketclips. Contraception photo © Cindy Chew for ANSIRH. Culture image part of an infographic designed for ANSIRH by Jessica Harrington, with art direction by Kate Giambrone and Julianna Johnson. International photo courtesy Stew and Vee Carrington via Creative Commons license. Policy photo courtesy of Heather Ault (modified and cropped). Turnaway photo © Jana Carrey for ANSIRH.

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